We are redefining equestrian lifestyle in Greenville SC. Focusing on exceptional horse care and training.


Full time care with three feedings a day. Airy and social euro stalls with private turn outs. Premium feed including orchard/timothy hay from the same fields in Ohio year round.


We take consignment horses, we take clients who want to show, clients that don’t, clients who just want high level care for their horses. We’re easy… 


GGT footing, lighted arena, wash rack & grooming stalls, safe fencing, private turn outs, euro stalls with thick shavings and stall saver linings. We have a 6 horse trailer for shows and a smaller 2 horse trailer as well. 


We take our roll in a supportive riding  environment very seriously and our barn family is just that, family. We don’t do drama… but like FOR REAL, we don’t. But seriously we don’t, we kick people out if they bring down others. It’s as simple as that… the barn should be peaceful and happy same goes for the horses. 🙂

The Story

We’re a little different… 

After boarding at numerous facilities in the area it became apparent that there was a need for a place with all the elements of horse care. We have consistently been building and adding to our facility since it was started and continue to do so! My back ground was always that of off the track thoroughbreds because that’s what I could afford. As time went on certain people were incredibly gracious and kind towards me and the gears shifted to higher end horses. 

Some things about us:

-We are a little cowboy in the way we train babies and young ones, meaning we do flag work, ground work, rope halters… because it works.

-We have fun at shows, even if we don’t win

-We aren’t mean to people

-If you want to just trot, then just trot. You want to jump 3’6 then we’ll get you there. You want to just come and groom your horse but want them in quality care, that’s fine by us. My point… life is short, do what makes you happy.

Our goal was to create a facility that has exceptional care, footing, feed, and turn out. Bringing the A level standards and quality to the Greenville and making some great hunter jumpers for amateurs along the way.

-Reve Equestrian, Sabrina Torr

Have any questions? Call us at 858.663.8260

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