We are redefining equestrian lifestyle in Greenville SC. Focusing on exceptional horse care and training.

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Full time care with three feedings a day. Airy and social euro stalls with private turn outs. Premium feed including orchard/timothy hay, Tribute & Triple Crown options.


Geotextile footing, lighted arena, wash rack & grooming stalls, safe fencing, euro stalls with thick shavings and stall saver linings.


Everyone at Reve is required to be in training. You can bring in your own trainer or you can ride with our trainers.


This facility will be a safe haven for those looking for the quality of care that most demand but can't find locally. We are a supportive and motivating facility that will be ever growing and improving.

The Story

We moved to Greenville SC in 2010 from San Diego Ca.

After boarding at numerous facilities in the area it became apparent that there was always something missing at each one (That isn't meant to come off bad, we loved our experiences and the people we now call friends). Either they had great care but poor footing or great feed but group turn out etc. Driving to Tryon/Landrum seemed silly and time consuming... so the next step for us was to build our own with the idea of filling all of those gaps.

Our goal is to create a facility that has exceptional care, footing, feed, and turn out. Bringing the Tryon standards and quality to the Greenville area... finally!

-Sabrina & Joel Torr

Have any questions? Call us at 858.663.8260